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How do I stretch chest / Pecs?

How do I stretch chest / Pecs?

Pectoralis (Pec) stretch. A highly underrated stretch.

With poor posture whilst driving, watching t.v or at the computer, and gravity constantly beating us down, is it any wonder why a large percentage of people are tight through the chest?
This stretch can have a very positive result on neck tension by improving posture. By stretching the chest cavity and improving posture you will also help give the lungs more room to expand and invariably breathe more efficiently.


* See guidelines of stretching in FAQ
* Palm and forearm flat against doorway/wall edge, elbow at 90.
* Rotate body away from wall to feel stretch.

Main muscles stretched:

Pectoralis major/minor, anterior deltoid

Note: There should be no pain felt in the shoulder during this stretch

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