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How do I fix a Headache?

How do I fix a Headache?

vertigoAre you suffering from the many stresses of everyday life?   Various deadlines? Traffic jams? Rowdy children? Sitting at a desk all day? Poor posture? I could go on…

As you know, these are just a small sample of the many contributors to tension headaches.

Does this pain interfere with your concentration, your sleep, your happiness, your daily life?

Have I hit the nail on the head, so to speak?

A headache can ruin your day and decrease your overall quality of life.


We humans often hold our stress in our neck, shoulders and upper back.


–          Think of something that causes you stress

  • notice how your body reacts
  • can you feel your shoulders lifting and being drawn inward, your neck tensing and stiffening?


–          Now imagine a peaceful tranquil scene

  • did you notice your shoulders relax and drop, your breathing slow down and become deeper?
  • Do you see what is happening here?


–          Headaches are often a symptom, and your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and that you need to find the cause of this problem and do whatever you can to rectify that.

When you have a headache, did you ever notice that you automatically start rubbing your head where it is hurting, that you stretch out your neck, and that you close your eyes?


Massage therapy is a natural and obvious choice for helping to treat headaches as well as preventing recurrent headaches, for the following reasons:


  • Relieves and relaxes muscle tension and tightness in the neck, shoulders and upper back
  • Improves range of motion
  • Stretches taut and tense muscles
  • Increases circulation
  • Helps release buildup of lactic acid
  • Reduces stress such as anxiety, anger, confusion and depression
  • Increases alertness and concentration
  • Improves sleep
  • Allows us to simply be still, and relax!


When we are experiencing this headache, it is easy to reach for the nearest medication.  Perhaps, instead of reaching for medication straight away, we could first stop and think about what activity we were undertaking when the headache commenced, search perhaps for the underlying cause, and then take steps to alter this?   – Massage therapy is an excellent choice for your first step in easing stresses and eliminating headaches. 


(Please also be aware that some headaches can be the symptom of an underlying condition that may require further investigation by a medical professional.)

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