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Recharge HQ

Recharge HQ is the culmination of many years of ambition and professional experience for Matt Parry.


Working at the sports massage industry’s highest level, Matt has had the privilege of working alongside many world class massage therapists, physiotherapists and trainers. After managing the sports massage team for the Brisbane Broncos for the past 10 seasons, Matt looked to expand his business premises and provide a training facility for future therapists.


Recharge Headquarters is now situated within No More Knots at Greenslopes, where Brisbane’s best therapists are learning to hone their skills and develop a passion for their trade.


This high level training and the passion of our therapists to be great at what they do is what sets us apart from everyone else. We love what we do!



 An invitation to all innovative organisations


The benefits of Massage Therapy for relieving common postural aches and pains is well documented. In a corporate environment, employers can also see

3 Additional Key Benefits:


  1. Improved staff engagement and performance
  2. Improved workplace culture and climate
  3. Improved employee retention


Recharge HQ can help you Invest in Your Workforce by providing a unique, highly efficient and effective, on-site massage service. Just contact us and we will do the rest:


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